Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) can be used for many things from a wonderful health booster to a great aid in household chores, and though you might not associate any form of vinegar with beauty, ACV is actually an amazing addition to any bathroom essentials kit.

Apple Cider Vinegar will definitely give you to smile about if you use it for better oral health. By gargling with ACV you can kill off a ton of bacteria hanging around in your mouth and gums—bacteria that would otherwise leave you with bad breath and stained teeth. Just gargle before brushing your teeth, or rub some oil on your teeth and then rinse with water, and watch the stains fade away!

Apples and apple cider vinegar on a wood table

Apple Cider Vinegar can also improve your skin by regulating its pH balance. Substitute a diluted concoction of ACV (two parts water, one part ACV) for your current toner—spreading it over your face with a cotton ball as you would your usual toner. The alpha-hydroxy and acetic acids help stimulate the circulation in your skin and minimize pores. It’s also said that dabbing ACV on age spots or acne scars and leaving it on overnight can help them fade.

Your hair will also benefit from some ACV-love—rinsing your hair will a diluted solution of ½ tablespoon of ACV and a cup of cold water will result in shinier and more full-bodied hair. And if you struggle with dandruff, spraying a mix of ¼ cup of ACV with ¼ water on your scalp and wrapping your head in a towel for 15 minutes to an hour can change the pH levels of your scalp and fight off dandruff.

As if that’s not enough, you should also keep a bit of ACV in your make-up bag. The anti-bacterial properties that come from the malic acid also it make it a great cleanser for make-up brushes! All you had to do is add a teaspoon of ACV to one cup of warm water and clean, rinse, and leave them to dry. So next time you’re out replenishing your beauty essentials, make sure to grab some Apple Cider Vinegar!