There are so many amazing movies on Netflix that you can spend an hour just trying to choose which one you want to watch! Well, look no further! Add these funny movies to your watch list, or save them for crappy day—they’ll give you just the pick-me-up you’ll need!

This 2010 movie features Christopher Plummer in his Academy Award-winning performance as Hal, a man who is recently diagnosed with cancer and then comes out to his son (played by Ewan McGregor). Despite Plummer’s Oscar, this movie remains relatively unknown to most movie-watchers, and that’s such a shame. This is a heartwarming, relatable story about the unpredictability of the human experience told with humor, imagination, and romance.

Wet Hot American Summer
Before the new series hits Netflix on July 31, give this 2001 cult-classic comedy a watch! It stars fresh-faced future stars like Amy Poehler, Paul Rudd, Elizabeth Banks, and Bradley Cooper. This silly parody of 80s camp movies is absurd in its humor but is sure to entertain—even if just to watch the hilarious performances of these actors before they were famous!

Sleepwalk With Me
The ‘based on true events’ story of a struggling comic who is dealing with the realities of his long term relationship while developing a serious sleeping disorder, this 2012 film is an absolute delight. Based on Mike Birbiglia’s off-broadway solo show turned book turned comedy album of the same name, this movie is laugh out loud funny while also showing the bittersweet moments of a once-strong relationship running out of fumes. After watching this, you’ll be a Mike Birbiglia fan for life!

The Kings of Summer
Probably the best coming of age movie to come out in the past decade, this 2013 film will charm your pants right off. It tells the story of 3 boys who want to live free of their parents and free of rules so they decide to run away and build their own home in the woods. The show-stealing performances by Megan Mullally and Marc Evan Jackson as the endearingly annoying parents who are just a wee bit too interested in their son’s life will make you want to watch this movie again and again.