I was recently on the hunt for a new hair straightener and so, like always, I did my due diligence with plenty of research. One name that kept popping up was HerStyler – a brand that specializes in cutting-edge flat iron designs, along with other hair products. 

Of course, this left me curious – why is everyone talking about HerStyler’s hair straighteners? Here’s what I discovered…

A Selection of Plate Materials


While some brands create hair straighteners with just one type of plate, HerStyler has a few plate materials on offer. Why does this matter? Because the different materials each heat the hair in a slightly different way. 

Ceramic, which you’ll find in the SuperStyler Black, is known for producing quite a gentle heat. It’s ideal if your hair is dry or vulnerable to damage. Ceramic can also be combined with tourmaline (a gemstone), which HerStyler has done with the Straight N’ Style. This reduces the look of frizz to produce a sleeker finish. Titanium is another plate material that HerStyler uses. They heat up faster and can sometimes get the job done sooner. They’re great for those with thick or coarse hair that usually takes a long time to straighten.

A Choice of Plate Sizes


You need to choose your plate size carefully when buying a new flat iron. Go with plates that are too small and you’ll spend hours trying to straighten your hair. Meanwhile, plates that are too large are not only difficult to use but could also end up burning your skin.

HerStyler makes this easy by offering a variety of plate sizes. The 1” plates on the Sleek Styler Black 1” Titanium Straightener are ideal for those with shorter strands. 1” plates work beautifully on bangs too. On the other hand, if your is long or thick, you’ll need wider plates, just like the 1.25” plates on the Colorful Seasons 8 Green straightener. 

Adjustable Temperatures

It’s not enough to have the right plate material and size – you also need to consider the temperature that a flat iron heats up to. While some only offer a single temperature, which is often too high for those with thin or damaged hair, HerStyler once again provides a solution by incorporating an adjustable temperature dial on several of their hair straightener models.

If you’ve never had control over temperature with your previous hair straighteners, this feature is a true game-changer. Heat can cause so much damage to your locks, so you don’t want to be using more than necessary. With these flat irons, you can start off low and gradually work your way up until you’ve found the perfect temperature for your strands.

Shine-Boosting Tech

LED Pro Luxe 1.25”

Chances are that if you’re straightening your hair, you’ll want it to look as smooth, glossy, and frizz-free as possible. This is something else that can be easily achieved with HerStyler hair straighteners.

How? It all comes down to the technology that HerStyler has used in these tools. Infrared technology and negative ion technology can be found in all of them. Both are known for minimizing the appearance of damage while giving the hair a silkier and shinier finish.

Some HerStyler straighteners, like the LED Pro Luxe 1.25” Black Straightener, even come with red LED technology. Why? Because this can leave the hair feeling thicker and stronger – something that most hair straighteners can’t do!

Lightweight and Ergonomic

I’ve used a few poorly designed hair straighteners in the past. Sure, the plates and temperature were able to get the job done but the unwieldy ergonomics took all of the enjoyment out of the process. 

With HerStyler hair straighteners, this isn’t a problem. Every single HerStyler design that I’ve seen is beautifully designed. These tools are lightweight and made in a way that ensures that they fit snugly in the hand. They’re so easy to maneuver, meaning that you can get complex with the styles you create.

The floating plates help with this too. This feature enables the hair straightener’s plates to tilt as they’re being used. This allows them to sandwich strands more effectively, giving you even straighter locks.

Gorgeous Aesthetics

Pink Blossom Fusion Flat Iron

When it comes down to it, it shouldn’t really matter what your hair straightener looks like. So long as it’s made with quality in mind and offers all of the features that your hair needs, then its aesthetics shouldn’t make a difference.

However, with HerStyler, you get the best of both worlds. Not only do these hair straighteners provide a professional level of quality but many of them also look stunning. Take the Pink Lace Fusion flat iron as an example. Featuring a French lace pattern, it will add a touch of allure and mystique to your dresser. The Pink Blossom Fusion is another one of my favorites. It will appeal to anyone who loves floral prints!

Are HerStyler Hair Straighteners Worth Buying?

If quality is what you’re after (which it should be!), you won’t be disappointed with HerStyler’s range of hair straighteners. Once you understand all of the different features on offer, it’s easy to see why everyone is talking about the styling tools from this brand. HerStyler has managed to think of everything, producing a professional line of flat irons that not only cater to all hair types and lengths but manage to look spectacular while they do so!

If you’re in the market for a new hair straightener, check out the full HerStyler range by clicking here.