Chiara Ferragni at the Milan Fashion Week

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You pick up an item in a clothes store, and you just can’t decide. High fashion, or just highly impractical? What do you do? Snap a photo on Instagram and send it to your Mom? She’ll probably message L.O.L. back. If only you had advice from someone in the know.

Enter the fashion instagrammer. When you need advice on fashion, they’re just as close as your nearest mobile device.

If you’re in a store and unsure about who to call for advice, here are a few fashion instgrammers you should put on your instant contacts list.

1. Eva Chen

If the hashtags overstuffed#hermes tote, #prada sunglasses, and #balaniciaga shoes peak your interest, you may want to become Eva Chen’s 58,173rd follower. The last editor of Lucky Magazine and former consultant to The Devil Wears Prada muse, Anna Wintour, Chen first realized her calling in magazine work when she donned her first pair of pointy Miu-Miu shoes and went to apply for her internship at Harper’s Bazaar (nailed it!).

However, it was when she e-mailed a Microsoft document detailing the pros and cons of a Mulberry Alexa bag over a Proenza Schouler to friends debating over the article, that she realized her affinity for social media, and the rest is all tweets, likes, and followers.

But let not Chen’s upscale reputation drive you off; she is also Zara friendly. Says she, “A great find is a great find and I want to help people find the best of the best.” And she will.

2. Style Crone

Ageless, but never hatless, Judith Boyd is the 73-year-old (she could pass for 42) from Denver, Colorado who’s passion for fashion, particularly hats, has been inspiring Instagrammers on her Style Crone blog with her every day is Halloween enthusiasm.

Why hats? Judith says she feel undressed without headwear; she believes that hats can do everything from setting the mood for the day to getting you a table upgrade at a five-star restaurant, to, most importantly, making people smile, which it apparently does quite successfully.

One look at her site, and you can’t help but catch some of her infectious positive energy. She can do Jackie O to perfection, Audrey Hepburn to a tee, and Lauren Bacall in her sleep, and is never above adding some skinny jeans action to beatle boots to vintage jackets. So, make some room on your hatrack, Style Crone is going to wonder how you could ever be fully dressed without headgear.

3. Erika Bearman

Usually, women like to be known by their own identities, rather than the roles they play, but it doesn’t seem to bother Erika Bearman, and most of us wouldn’t blame her. Who wouldn’t quickly abandon their identity for the chance to reinvent yourself as Oscar de la Renta’s most Instagrammed asset?

Better known as @OscarPRGirl, Erika Bearman is the sexy-cute face and voice behind the Oscar de la Renta Instagram account, whose trademark flowing gowns, crop tops, and piercings have been inspiring everyone from “ladies who lunch to ladies and girls who tweet at lunch.”

Says Bearman, “My style is high glamour. I will wear sweatpants to a grocery store, but with heels and some ridiculous coat.”

Think Cinderella meets Gwen Stefani. With posts taking followers from behind the scenes at an Oscar de la Renta fashion show to behind the scenes in her personal life with new baby daughter, you’ll want to make sure to save this site on your iPhone.

4. Chiara Ferragni

If you don’t follow Chiara Ferragni on Instagram, The Blonde Salad may sound like the name of an eighties blond hair metal band, but if you are familiar with it, you will know it as the name of Ferragni’s super popular blog.

An ex-law student from a small town close to Milan, Ferragni began the blog in 2009, and 7.3 million followers and 1.2 likes on Facebook later, it also multitasks as a vehicle to sell everything from slippers to stilettos for Ferragni’s own shoe collection.

Where does Chiara’s get her fashion cred? Basically, from nowhere. She actually has more experience in law school than she does with fashion, but that didn’t stop her from making the Forbes 30 under 30 list twice, or from serving as the cover model on over 55 magazines.

She considers herself a “self- made woman” and a businesswoman rather than a “crazy blogger.” But no matter what your opinion of Chiara herself, you can’t deny the woman designs some great shoes, and that is the bottom line.

5. Danielle Bernstein

It used to be that overalls were adorable, if somewhat frumpy. While a perfect fashion for the loose-fitting free-living styles of the flower children, overalls soon became an item of clothing worn by no one over the age of 12 or under the age of 50. However, it seems that there are some things that are just too good to let go, and the overall proved to be one.

The iconic style re-emerged in the millennium, solving the overall (and overall) problem once and for all. Reinvented as body-hugging jumpers, the overall became all the rage, appearing on everyone from celebrities to fashionable high school students, and behind it is Danielle Bernstein.

While most of her Instagram followers watch her for her to get her front-row perspective on the Tommy Hilfiger show or proximity to the Kardashians, lately it’s her Second Skin Overalls line, that’s getting her the most attention, and a whole lot of green. Gathering $70,000 in three hours, these butt lifting overalls may do as much for Bernstein’s bottom line as they do for yours.

6. Aimee Song

Aimee Song not only set the style in style, she sets the style in fashion Instagramming. The founder and face of the “Song of Style” blog, Aimee Song was one of the pioneers of the fashion blog movement. She began in 2008, while studying interior architecture in San Francisco, and began the blog as a platform from which she could share her interior design portfolio shots. However, when what she was wearing began to generate more attention than what was in her portfolio, Song began singing a different tune.

Now, with over 4.6 million followers, Song of Style is not only Aimee’s main vehicle for sharing her personal style, it’s also a revenue-producing machine. Her Song of Style jewelry line features a limited selection of tasteful gold bracelets set with semi-precious stones, while her Two Songs line consists of street style inspired T-shirts and sweats. True to her California roots, Two Songs is manufactured exclusively in LA. and her Dreaming In Blue denim collection is a celebration of Los Angeles as well as her success.

7. Amanda Shadforth

Part businesswoman, part fashionista, one hundred percent artist, Amanda Shadforth is the creative and marketing genius behind Oracle Fox, one of the most widely recognized fashion destinations in today’s world.

Born in Queensland, Australia, Amanda made the transition from her humble beginnings raising cane on a farm to raising cane in the fashion industry quite easily. After working in bbq chicken shops and painting truck yard signs became old hat, Amanda eventually took her talent to the digital world, and began the website that would capture the attention of the fashion world from followers to innovators, and she soon found herself the recipient of invitations to create digital designs for luxury brands like YSL, Calvin Klein, and Versace while feeding fashion shots to her faithful following.

Today, Amanda works half the time behind the camera, and half the time in front of it, claiming that her biggest challenge is feeding her hungry followers while pursuing her “more legitimate work.” If that’s Amanda’s biggest problem, this farm girl has come a long way, baby.

8. Charlotte Groeneveld

Does it ever seem like a Dutch birth certificate should immediately qualify someone as a fashion expert? If so, Charlotte Groeneveld was born to be a fashion Instagrammer. Face and voice of the Fashion Guitar, the now New York-based writer took her years of experience working in the fashion industry onto the world wide web five years ago and has since worked her way to over 190,000 Instagram followers.

When it comes to man style, she wants to see her man sans jewelry and considers her husband to be the most stylish man on the planet. When it comes to cities, its the Big Apple all the way; Charlotte credits the city’s proximity to some of the biggest names in fashion to location. location, location. She’s been to the Haute Couture Fashion show in Rome, courtesy Valentino, and the Chanel show at fashion week in Paris, and has collaborated with some of the biggest brands right in the heart of the city that never sleeps, and hey, if she can beat thyroid cancer, she can make it anywhere.

9. Gizele Oliviera

She may be able to tell us how to dress like her, but it might be more valuable if she told us how to look like her. Gizele Oliviera is the stunning lay gorgeous Maxim supermodel and Instagram star who is also the blogger behind Gizele a Go-go covering all things beauty , fashion and lifestyle.

You can almost hear her Brazilian-accented voice as you read her tweets reporting on the catwalks of New York and Paris. “Next week I’m going to show you how I made my loads for casting days.” But who needs perfect English when you have supernatural beauty – and access. Oliviera name drops Rebecca Minkoff, Hohn Paul Ataker, and Elie Saab as if they were childhood friends. See Gizelle on the go, and see her model her bikinis from @frankieswimwear, and see why Brazilian bottoms might just be the best bottoms out there.

10. Jessie Bush

If there’s one thing Jessie Bush is good at, it’s being Jessie Bush, and that’s not a bad thing to be. She’s gorgeous, she’s streetsmart, and she knows a thing or two about fashion, and if you want to know how she does it, you wouldn’t be alone. We The People is Jessie’s vehicle for fashion, travel, and makeup advice, and if you follow Jesse, be prepared to go far.

What started out as a fashion blog based on New Zealand street style has evolved into an informative website which takes followers on Jessie’s trips into the world of fashion and the world in general. Voyeuristically travel alongside Jessie to get a Jessie-eye peak into the worlds of Vogue, Jimmy Choo, Calvin Klein, and Topshop, and get her input on where to be seen and how to look when you get there. Take her advice, it’s free, and it seems to have worked well for her.

11. Ruth Rose

Self-proclaimed “fashion and celebrity photographer, animal lover and cruelty-free campaigner, on a mission to shoot everything that is Pink, Ruth Rose is the blogger behind Ruth Rose photos, The 27-year-old Londoner first got into photography when taking pictures with her friends became something of an obsession for her; she recalls dropping off her film at Boots for seven-day processing the way most would recall the birth of their first children. However, that may have been appropriate considering what grew from that childhood hobby.

Rose first became legit when she did a shoot with a fashion accessories company. The execs her with a box of feather headbands from which she was to create a backdrop that would turn out to be her calling card in professional fashion photography. The shots from that shoot would lead to attention from luxury brands and top-selling companies.Since then she has worked with Cosmo, shot campaigns in Monaco and St. Tropez, and was even called in as a guest photographer on “Britain’s Next Top Model.” Will Rose ever achieve her mission of shooting all things Pink? Follow her and find out!