Lindsay Lohan

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Wow, that’s a lot of Ls on that title right there! That’s right, LiLo is moving to London and is hoping to make a permanent move. She surely has gone far in her career, and the now 28-year old actress wants to be someone more than just a person the American paparazzi can take pictures of.

I first saw her in the movie Parent Trap for which I really thought there had been two talented young actresses playing the role.

After that, I’ve seen how she transformed from a cute teen star to someone who I found hard to recognize after all the surgeries. But, LiLo is still LiLo and I think that this new development in her life would open a fresh chapter for her and her fans—especially those who are in London!

She’s currently in the capital of England where she’s filming “Speed-the-Plow” and she’s enjoying being able to escape from the high celebrity status to regain her credibility as an actress.

According to LiLo, people in the U.S. are talking about other people’s lives so much and that it’s so different in the U.K. and the fresh change is probably what attracted her to make the permanent move.

Lindsay Lohan

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The Mean Girls star has been through phases and she has admitted that although she’s put herself in bad situations before, she doesn’t regret those things because they made her who she is now and that she’s learned from them. Now, her goal is to become a credible actress once more—after all, she’s been in the business since she was three and has done acting on set since she was six.

The move to London is a kind of attempt to leave what bad issues she had in the past and redefine herself. I think the new environment might really do her good and make her even more mature than how she already is.

She has always been great at being an actress and I think I understand why she would like to regain that actress and entertainment artist status because she’s always had the talent for it anyway. Wish you luck, LiLo!