Each piece of clothing you have can truly have an impact on your overall look. May it be a plain T-shirt or a patterned top, it will always be up to us to make our get up look fabulous! One of the things I love the most on outfit pieces are lace details. I just think they’re so cool for the following reasons:

Why Lace Details are Cool

  • They can make things look extra girly. Even just a small section of a basic shirt adorned with some lace would instantly make that piece of shirt a more girly-looking top. I think that lace details instantly turn plain clothing into a showstopper.
  • I love the fact that lace details can give you sheer exposure of skin. Nowadays, it’s nice to have some skin exposure without overdoing it. With lace, you get to expose some skin without really revealing everything all at once.
  • Lace gives more texture to your clothes. Because of the patterns that lace has, it can give a subtle yet endearing texture that makes your clothes unique.
  • You can easily find lace in craft stores. If you are one of those people who enjoy adding details to your clothes, you can buy some lace and make your own clothes alterations.

Why Lace Details are Cool 2

I have personally used some lace to alter my clothes and give old shirts a new look. If you have an old shirt, you can add lace details to the sides—underneath the arms and take off some sections. Replace those sections with a connecting lace panel. You can also do this for the back of your shirt. Cut off a section and “repair” the shirt by placing the lace on it.

You can also try making lace additions to your denim pieces for a feminine effect. Patch on a piece of lace onto the back pockets or make it look as if you have lace as the interior of your front pockets. This instantly makes casual looking jeans a bit more chic and feminine. I just love how lace looks on clothes and the timeless appeal it conveys. Try out these tips too and let me know how it goes!