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The most beautiful people on the planet are the ones we oft see gracing our screens and magazines, and the one thing they all have in common?

Good skin.

Moisturized, glowing, blemish-free and healthy, celebrities are on the forefront of the skincare revolution, and bless their good hearts for being generous enough to share their secrets with us mere mortals. But how do they do it? With their jet-setting lifestyles and with always being on the go, how do they keep their skin so soft and supple?

We all have our own ways of keeping of skin happy and healthy, but why struggle on our own when we can look to the good examples our celebrities show? Here are a few celebrities and their skincare secrets to maintaining beautiful, glowing skin.

Staying Moisturized

Jessica Alba of the original Fantastic Four fame, has always prized her moisturized skin. She spoke to Glamour and told them that when she is travelling, she always packs onboard facial masks.

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She prefers to use either those jelly masks from Korea or Japan, or she will bring along some antioxidant mask or plumping masks. She’ll usually wear these miracle workers on the plane or when she lands. She reasoned that she would get so dehydrated on planes, so she would always try to rehydrate her skin as much as possible.

So whatever you go for, follow Jessica’s advice: no synthetic fragrances.  These would lead to breakouts.

Chrissy Teigen is also a big fan of facial masks. She’s told Refinery29 in an interview that she indulges in SK-II Facial Treatment Masks to keep her dry skin fresh and glowing. These masks are reportedly supposed to infuse the skin with a myriad blend of vitamins, amino acids, and minerals, which eventually leaves your face super moisturized and radiant.

Well, if Chrissy says so, it must be true. We all know how honest and open she is about her life, so why not take a few pointers for her on keeping your face moisturized as well?

Avoid Your Vices

Jenny from the block had a little but now she has a lot, and that’s because she still chooses to avoid all the things we mere mortals may overindulge in every now and then. Jennifer Lopez may be 48 but she is still in the best shape of her life, and that’s because she is very disciplined in her skin routine.

Jennifer Lopez

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She stays away from any alcohol because she believes that alcohol really affects one’s skin health. She doesn’t consume caffeine and she doesn’t smoke because she knows that all these less than savoury habits will eventually wreck your skin in the long run.

J.Lo also says she doesn’t stay out in the sun very much, which adds to her relatively sun-damage free, and glorious looking face!

Another celeb who really works hard on her diet is Olivia Culpo. She says after she worked with her aesthetician, she slowly understood that skin health goes far beyond how well you clean your skin every day or what you put on it topically.

She realized the importance of a holistic skincare approach. She began switching and changing her diet up to help tame her breakouts. Like J.Lo, she too tries to incorporate more healthy, leafy greens into her food, simultaneously cutting out a majority of dairy produce, stating that once she started to slowly cut ice cream out of her diet, in exchange for more leafy greens, the condition of her skin improved drastically.

What’s in the Fridge?

Actress and model Priyanka Chopra is no stranger to putting food on her face. And anyway, a general rule of thumb is that: if it’s edible, you can put it on your face.

Priyanka Chopra

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She says her skin care primarily consists of natural remedies that have been handed down from generation to generation. It’s no surprise really that they comprise of ingredients you can get from your fridge and your kitchen. Middle eastern, Indian and even Asian beauty rituals are very homegrown and organic, and have been so for centuries.

She’s mentioned that some of her secrets are to give her hair a great natural deep-conditioning treatment by massaging warm coconut oil into her scalp and hair. Afterwards, she will leave it on for about an hour before shampooing it all off.

She recommends that this simplistic hair mask be done at least once a week and soon enough, the results of the effort will show.

Singer and all round natural beauty Leona Lewis says her main products actually come from her mother’s kitchen. As her mother is an herbalist, she is very used to making her own moisturizers and oils.

She also says she follows her Guyanese grandmother’s skin routine, which uses a special, natural oil.

Fountain of Exfoliation

Model and actress Christie Brinkley has accredited her daily exfoliation for her youthful complexion. No, she hasn’t been drinking from the fountain of youth, but if she has found the fountain, she was most certainly exfoliating there.

Christie Brinkley

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The beauty is 63 years young and with her recent photoshoot with Sports Illustrated, alongside her daughters Sailor and Alexa is proof enough that this woman has been shining through a few beauty secrets. Her number one secret? Exfoliation.

In an interview with BYRDIE, she said she had started exfoliating daily for the past 40 years. She read way back then about how men would always look 5 years younger than women even if they were same age because they would shave almost every day. She was so surprised at this revelation and ever since then, she would exfoliate every day.

Hydrate from Within

Gabrielle Union’s fountain of youth relies heavily on water. In an interview with, Ms. Union said in her mid-30s, she began drinking at least a gallon of water a day to get more glowing, hydrated skin. She says the most important thing you can do is to drink as much water as you can, and to do this especially in the morning.

Gabrielle Union

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She reiterated that you should try to drink half of it by noon and then try to drink the other half until about 6PM.

Another celeb who makes big use of water in her skin care regime is the beautiful blonde bombshell, Kate Moss. She says that if she wakes up looking tired and puffy, she will fill a sink with ice and cucumber and then proceed to submerge her face into it.

She spoke with Stylist, saying it tightened her entire face, and also has the benefit of making you look and feel instantly awake. What this submerging does is that it also improves skin tone, shrinks pores, and de-puffs the eye bags.

In fact, even Kate Hudson does the same. She too regularly plunges her face into a sink full of ice water for the same effect. This is because, ice reduces puffiness, closes pores and increases blood circulation (think of that healthy-looking, rosy skin).

One of the ways we could attempt this same quick fix is to quickly splash your face with cold water, or even try an ice cube massage by running an ice cube over your face for a few seconds (it’s better to do this in the morning to aid in reducing puffiness, making your skin glow and to keep make up on.)

Or if you can’t stand the freezing temperatures of the ice, you can always put your gel face masks in the fridge to cool it.

Sleeping Beauties

To anyone who has ever told you that sleep is for the weak, point them in the direction of these celebrities and talk about their immense star power and then ask them again if sleep really is for the weak!

Lea Michelle of Glee fame talks about how her skin looks great in big part because she drinksa lot of water and gets a lot of sleep. She says “I ever see a difference in my skin is when I’m well rested… That makes the biggest difference in how your skin glows—the texture and coloring of your skin.”

Lea Michele

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Star power definitely comes with a good amount of sleep.

Another superstar, Penelope Cruz says the best beauty advice she had got from her mother was to eat her veggies and go to sleep. While the advice would drone on like a broken record, Cruz finds herself saying the same things to her kids.

Olivia Palermo also talks about how important sleep is to her skin health. I could go on about the amount of celebrities who talk about how important sleep is to their regiment, and that’s because sleep really is the closest thing to the fountain of youth.

The key is to get from 7-9 hours of sleep in every night. If you’re getting less than 6 every night, chances are that the sleep deprivation has started to show. If you want fewer wrinkles, a better complexion, brighter and less puffy eyes, you’d better catch those Zzzs. Even your products work better when you’re well rested.

When it comes to your skin, you actually win if you snooze.

Sunscreen, No Matter What

Nobody’s face is 100 percent safe from environmental damage and the biggest cause of wrinkles is exposure to the sun. When you’re your job is to be on screen and in front of millions, you know your age-proof appearance could very well be what makes or breaks your career.

When asked by Refinery29 about his favourite sunscreen, Zac Efron said: “I think sunscreen is super important – we were in the sun a lot; it was super hot. You have to get a mineral block; clear zinc works really well. I like Elta MD. They make a waterproof version. Wear sunscreen every day, please. No amount of sun is safe, in my opinion.”

Drew Barrymore

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Drew Barrymore, another sunscreen fanatic points to her three favourite sunscreens as her skin saviours:  Clinique Broad Spectrum SPF 45 Sunscreen Targeted Protection Stick, La Roche-Posay and EltaMD (the same one that Zac uses!).

She says that because she breaks out from oil, she cannot wear most sunscreens, but because her favourites are anti-acne and very gentle, she makes the most of them because they pack a real UV protective punch. She says, “I break out from oil, so I can’t wear most. These are very anti-acne and very gentle. Yet pack a UV protective punch.”

Charlize Theron is a big believer in sunblock, so much so that she even wears sunblock in winter! And she doesn’t stop there. Theron uses sunblock even in rainy and gray weather—basically every waking hour. And not just SPF 15, she goes for SPF 50.

This teensy bit obsessive sunscreen use is attributed to her youth. The South-African beauty said that the importance of sunscreen has been instilled into her from a very young age from her mother.

Furthermore, having grown up under the intense heat and rays of the African sun, one would most definitely get into the habit if constant sunscreen use, and in her case and career, it has most certainly paid off!

What’s the Take-away?

Celebrities are no strangers to skin conditions and problems. For all their fame and fortune, they are at the end of the day, people just like us, (only that they have a bit more money).

Nonetheless, these tips about taking serious care of their skin, are absolutely essential for us to pay attention to. Moisturizing your face and keeping it so is an excellent way to prevent the effects of dry skin.

Moreover, using safe edible products (literally using the goodness of your fridge and kitchen!) is a good and economical way to give your skin a new shine!

And most important of all, is to really get that beauty sleep in and that sunscreen slathered on at all times! If these celebrities haven’t proven the phrase, it pays to be beautiful, then I don’t know what will.

Besides, your skin is the only one you have in your lifetime. Might as well be kind to yourself and the skin that you’re in!