One of this summer’s hottest trends is taking us on safari! Inspired by the variety of heritages and cultures to be found in Africa, these prints will add a fun spark to any wardrobe.

Whether its bright colors, tribal-inspired geometrical patterns or big leafy prints, you’ve got to get your hands on anything jungle!

Sam Aronov /

Greens of almost any shade are leading the way with this look, transporting us by invoking images of leafy jungle flora. If bold prints aren’t your speed, just don some khaki and channel your inner-safari guide for a more sophisticated look.

Check out the collections of designers with African heritage who are spearheading the looks for this trend, such as London-based designer Duro Olowu (who is of Nigerian and Jamaican descent) and check out the Ghana-inspired Sika collection, which uses hand-made fabrics that are actually produced in Ghana! /

For summer, stick to bright colors and big, bold prints that radiate adventure. And what would a jungle be without some dangerous animals? Don’t shy away from the safari-inspired animal prints on offer.

To ensure that these patterns don’t overwhelm you, add a belt or look for designs that really hug your body. This look is already so loud that minimal accessorizing is required, keep it simple and let the clothes speak for themselves.

Or stick to a simple neutral toned outfit and look for jungle-inspired accessories. A bright batik-styled purse (check out Etsy for some beautiful creations) or some tropical floral print shoes (Moschino has nailed this trend for footwear) can be the perfect accent to turn a boring outfit into a trendy, chic show-stopper. /

As Christian Siriano’s fall 2015 collection shows, this trend has some staying power. Siriano’s Congo Jungle-inspired look features earthy browns and greens with hints of color like subdued reds, purples, blues and yellows to really bring the jungle alive.

So as we move into fall, move away from the vivid summer colors inspired by more tropical jungle climes and ease your way to darker tones.

So unleash your inner animal and go wild with this year’s hottest trend!