There’s pure and natural raw honey, and then there’s Manuka honey. It may sound very new and foreign too. Manuka honey is, like your usual honey, packed with antibacterial properties which help stimulate and improve the immune system while naturally blocking harmful bacteria. When honey is applied topically on your skin, it is really gentle and nourishing and is known to promote faster wound healing and better moisturized skin. Honey also has natural acids which help clear dead skin.

Manuka Honey for Skincare

What makes Manuka honey even more special is the bioactivity of its contents. It is known as the unique Manuka factor or UMF which particularly fights bacteria such as Staph aureus and E. coli. Like normal honey, it also works as a great humectant which helps seal in moisture for the skin, which is what makes it great even for those who have sensitive skin.

Manuka honey is produced by Northland bees of New Zealand and is created only from the nectar of Manuka flowers. The honey is taken from the honeycombs by a medical-grade honey supplier and it is a high quality honey which can be used especially for skincare.

Manuka Honey for Skincare 2

The antibacterial properties of this imported honey prevent further spreading of bacteria while at the same time fostering a healing environment for the skin. It also helps lower the incidence of scars while allowing the skin to remain moisturized and supple. It can be used to treat eczema, inset bites, and burns. It has high antioxidant amounts which help fight free radical damage and contains other skin beneficial natural ingredients such as vitamin C, riboflavin, niacin, lactic acid, and fructose.

I believe in the natural healing properties that honey brings, and the even more concentrated effects that Manuka honey has has drawn me to it. Because of this, I would recommend it even for those who have sensitive skin! We should just make sure that we buy from trusted sellers who only distribute authentic Manuka honey from New Zealand so we don’t get shortchanged for our money. Check out New Zealand-based websites for Manuka honey and you won’t go wrong when targeting this natural skin remedy!