Introstem Dark Circle Eye CreamWith the long summer months finally here, we have so much to celebrate about. Being an outdoorsy woman, I simply cannot tell you how pleased I was to see those chilly winters go away. The days are warm and beautiful and you see cheerful people all around you. But summer also brings with it all sorts of skin and makeup problems. I think that ever since I entered my thirties, the first thing I began to notice during the summers wasn’t whether or not my makeup had melted away, but those horrible wrinkles on my face. Seriously, every time I looked into the mirror, that lady looking back at me just kept getting older.

I have fair skin, so I unlike those olive-skinned beauties, I also need to be particularly worried about freckles and sunburns. I think us women with fair skin are packed off with all possible skin care problems that the heavens could come up with!

Before I bore you to death with my constant barrage about skin issues and problems we face in the summer months, let’s get down to some serious business. The reason why I am actually writing to you is that I came across a particular brand – Introstem – which actually helped me to crib less and gave me something (in terms of skin care) to smile about during the summer months.

After being introduced to the brand a month ago, I have tried out various Introstem products on my skin. Most products have been pleasant to apply, but there were a few products which offered phenomenal results. The way my skin looked after using these products felt too good to be true, and the old lady in the mirror suddenly didn’t seem so old anymore!

The first product to have blown me away is the Stem Cell Dark Circle Eye Cream. I have used many products on my dark circles and seen all kinds of results, but none have been so fast acting. I actually started to see a difference from the third day itself and things just kept getting better. Now, after a month of product use, I believe that the dark circles have all but gone, and my eye area actually looks so beautiful.

The second product that I would like to talk about is the Stem Cell Night Rejuvenation Serum. Experts say that you need to use special products for your night care, and using this product made me understand why it is so important to leave night care to the specialists. The serum has a very light scent, which isn’t too strong to cause any discomfort. It is extremely lightweight, yet perfectly rich. It doesn’t feel oily and certainly doesn’t leave me looking greasy. Better yet, I only need a little bit of the product and it literally glides across my skin. After using the night serum for the first couple of weeks, I have seen a dramatic improvement in my skin tone. The skin actually looks brighter and better, and the signs of aging have dramatically reduced as well.

I am so glad to have come across this revolutionary brand of skin care products and I shall definitely continue to use these products on a daily basis. Hopefully, over time, the old lady in the mirror shall finally leave me alone.