I recently read a study that discussed the amazing regeneration capabilities that plants have, thanks to their stem cells. If a plant experiences tissue damage, it quickly heals itself while also putting out new growth. This is why plant stem cells are now appearing in more and more skincare products – those formulas aim to harness the incredible abilities that these stem cells have in an attempt to transfer those regenerative properties to the skin.

In theory, this makes sense. In reality? I wasn’t quite so sure since I had never tried stem cell-infused skincare before. That started my search for skincare brands that use plant stem cells in their formulas, and Introstem was one of the most promising brands that I found. Not only do they utilize grape stem cells (which are revered for their antioxidant content) in each and every one of their products, but they also bring together a variety of other innovative ingredients. This results in a truly unique and cutting-edge approach to beauty.

Introstem’s Serums & Special Solutions: Potency at its Finest

Stem Cell Vitamin C Serum

I always think that you can tell so much about a skincare brand from the serums that they produce. After all, serums are the best way to deliver active ingredients to the skin, meaning that a cleverly formulated serum has the potential to truly transform a complexion.

I usually use four different serums each day; two in the morning and two at night. When browsing Introstem’s serum selection, there were a few products that I was immediately drawn to, with the Stem Cell Vitamin C Serum being one. Unlike the vitamin C serum that I was previously using, which only contained one form of the ingredient, this product combines two types of vitamin C with vitamins A and E, plus grape stem cells and other antioxidant-rich botanicals. It’s extremely lightweight and absorbs quickly, which I very much appreciate. Even better, it has definitely helped to brighten the look of the duller and rougher patches on my face.

The Introstem Hydro Silk Capsules are also worth a mention. This is an encapsulated serum, meaning that each dose of the serum has been packaged into an individual capsule. Not only is this super convenient but it also helps to preserve the potency of the ingredients used in the serum. In this case, the ingredients focus on providing hydration and antioxidants. I find that one capsule is plenty for my face, leaving it looking softer and dewier. However, I often break open a second capsule to cover my neck and chest too.

Introstem’s Moisturizers: Delivering a Supple Softness

Stem Cell Active Defense SPF

Introstem has a very tantalizing selection of moisturizers available. I wanted to try them all but decided to limit myself to two, at least to start with! 

The first that I chose was the Stem Cell Active Defense SPF 30, and I’m absolutely delighted with this product. It works beautifully as a standalone moisturizer and the fact that it also provides SPF 30 is just the icing on the cake. This product has become my go-to morning face cream. With that said, I usually reapply it in the afternoons as well to keep my SPF topped up.

Although Introstem has a dedicated night cream, I decided to purchase the Hydro Face and Neck Cream to use in the evenings instead. As you can tell from the name, this moisturizer is all about providing the utmost in hydration, and it most certainly does that. After I started using this cream, my skin felt noticeably softer and smoother each morning. I love how well it moisturizes without feeling too heavy, which is a problem that many night creams have.

Introstem’s Face Masks: Pamper Your Skin With a Touch of Luxury

Hydrolift Transforming Mask

Face masks are a great way to give your skin a little something extra. I usually mask once a week and I try to multi-mask whenever possible. As a result, I’m always on the lookout for face masks that I can easily merge into my multi-masking routine.

There are a few masks from Introstem that are perfect for that, one of them being the Hydro Transforming Mask. Although it’s a clay mask, its primary purpose is to hydrate the skin, which it does with a long list of hydrating ingredients. Seaweed extract, cucumber fruit extract, organic honey…all of these ingredients are fantastic for boosting the skin’s moisture content, and you can certainly feel the difference after using them.

Just like the Hydro Transforming Mask, the Thermostem Mask has also been designed to remain on the skin for 15 minutes, meaning that I often combine these two masks. I have combination skin, meaning that the Hydro Transforming Mask is ideal for the drier areas of my face while the Thermostem Mask is perfectly suited for my oilier areas. Just one use of this face mask leaves my skin feeling significantly less greasy for quite a few days. I also love how relaxing this mask feels, thanks to the gentle heat that it emits.

Are Introstem Products Worth Trying?

It has been a while since a new skincare brand has left me impressed, but the Introstem products that I have used have me truly enamored with the brand. Antioxidants and hydration are everything when it comes to maintaining healthy-looking skin, and Introstem prioritizes both of these in each one of their formulas. 

However, the big question is…do these products really work?

In my experience, the answer to that is a big yes. My skin no longer looks dull and lackluster. It has a glow to it that I honestly thought I would never be able to achieve. The few sun spots that developed on my face over the past couple of summers now look near-invisible. At the same time, the fine lines around my eyes appear much softer. These products have managed to transform my complexion in a way that other products have never managed to do, making Introstem a brand that I have been highly recommending to everyone who comments on how luminous my skin now looks.

If you’ve never tried Introstem’s products before, do it soon – your skin will thank you! It’s easy to order online from the Introstem website, with international shipping available too. Although some of their products cost a little more than what I would usually spend on my skin, you really are paying for quality, efficiency, and innovation here, making these products amazing value for money.