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Tried & Tested: The Flore de Rose Collection from Pearl de Flore

When it comes to taking care of my skin, my loyalties lie with everything that nature has to offer. So,...
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10-Step Survival Guide for Partners Who WFH

Working from home is a novel concept for many of us, and we may find it particularly difficult if our...
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The 11 Best Brands for Wide-Calf Boots

With wet and snowy weather comes the need (and the want!) for gorgeous winter boots to match our favorite cold-weather...
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These 9 Video Games Could Actually Make You Smarter

While stuck at home, it’s very likely that you’ll end up looking for new forms of entertainment, video games included....
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Skin Care

Is Covid Comfort Eating Giving You Breakouts?

Is that another zit? How could this be happening? Many of our have had this conversation with our reflection in...
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Bee Pollen Granules: The Superfood You Didn’t Know About

There is always a new superfood that people are touting. They say that it could be the natural discovery that saves the world. How do you determine what is an actual superfood and what is just an industry scam meant [...]

By |May 27, 2020|Diet and Fitness|0 Comments
Woman looking at skin in mirror
Woman looking at skin in mirror
Woman eating pizza

15 Fitness Hacks to Get Motivated for the Gym

Exercise. There's nothing quite like it. It boosts the endorphins, keeps you healthy, keeps you looking great, improves your social life, helps you sleep better, and gives you the opportunity to buy some really cool workout clothes. Who wouldn't want [...]

By |November 14, 2017|Diet and Fitness|0 Comments
Woman in bed holding stomach

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Skin Care

What’s in My Skin Care Kit? The Bionyx Review

June 5, 2015|Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , |

Because I am always pressed for time during those hectic mornings, I prefer to do my makeup in the car while I am on my way to work (thankfully I don’t drive to work!!). It’s the same routine every single day – foundation, eyebrows, concealers, [...]


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